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A man with dark hair and a neat beard stands in front of Shedd's historic bronze doors.

Andrew Pulver

Vice President of Animal Care

Andrew Pulver oversees Shedd’s animal care team, which is responsible for daily animal care operations, habitat maintenance and aquatic animal sustainability efforts.


B.S., Biology, Salisbury State University; B.S., Environmental Science, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Andrew Pulver leads Shedd Aquarium’s animal care team, providing guidance to the team who is responsible for daily animal care operations, habitat development and maintenance, and long-term sustainability work through selective and scientifically managed breeding efforts, ethical acquisitions, and maximum longevity. Pulver and his team are additionally focused on providing a continuum of high-quality care as the aquarium undergoes major renovations as part of Shedd’s Centennial Commitment. Additionally, Pulver looks to accelerate Shedd’s contributions to conservation through collaborative partnerships within Shedd and among the zoo and aquarium community.

Pulver has over 20 years of experience in his field and previously served as the Director of Husbandry at National Aquarium, where he oversaw animal care efforts and activity aboard the aquarium’s research catamaran.

Pulver holds two Bachelors of Science degrees in Environmental Science (from University of Maryland Eastern Shore) and in Biology (from Salisbury State University) via the Environmental Marine Science Dual Degree Program.