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Sam Norton

Senior Director, Learning Programs

Samantha Norton oversees learner-centered experiences at Shedd, fostering 21st century skills, science literacy and connectedness with a range of participatory programs.

“I am surrounded by talented colleagues who all have a deep and sincere passion for animals. Their level of compassion and dedication to our mission is remarkable!”

Samantha Norton administers the implementation of a comprehensive vision for learner-centered development, programs and experiences. She oversees the team responsible for programs such as High School Marine Biology, Underwater Robotics and Live from Behind the Scenes. These learning programs, among others, foster science literacy, environmental literacy and 21st century skills as a part of understanding connectedness — the ways in which animals, plants and people interconnect and depend on one another, and the health of our planet, to survive and thrive.

Previously, Norton spent time at the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo as an educator and member of the husbandry team for the Children’s Zoo. Before embarking on her career, Norton received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and physical anthropology with an emphasis in primatology from Northern Illinois University.