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Meet Beatrix, A Nearly 11-Foot Green Anaconda Newly Named by Shedd Members

The female anaconda received her new name as a result of a month-long voting process

December 08, 2022

An anaconda explores its mossy underwater habitat.

Shedd Aquarium revealed the winning name for the resident green anaconda (Eunectesmurinus) in the popular Amazon Rising exhibit. Voted for in an exclusive opportunity for members, the female anaconda’s new name is Beatrix, which means “she who brings happiness” in Portuguese. Members were able to choose from the name options Beatrix, Romona, Echente and Rio during the month of November. They were also the first to learn the results at a members-only virtual event to celebrate a year of Shedd moments that brought people, communities, and aquatic life together, made possible by their support.

The four name options, preselected by the animal care team, all come from Spanish or Portuguese language and were chosen due to the snakes’ native habitat being throughout the northern regions of South America, where both languages are spoken. The names’ meanings are as follows:

  • Beatrix: Portuguese for "she who brings happiness."
  • Romona: Spanish for “wise protector.” Green anacondas protect their environment by serving as key apex predators within their food chain.
  • Enchente: Portuguese for “flood” and related to their often-flooded native region.
  • Rio: Portuguese for “river” and related to a common natural feature of their native environment.

After the voting period ended, Beatrix was declared the winning name.

Since her arrival at the aquarium earlier this year, the female anaconda continues to grow and thrive at Shedd. Beatrix is around 10 feet 7 inches in length, and the green anaconda is considered one of the largest species of snakes in the world. Estimated to be five years old, she is anticipated to grow to between 14 and 20 feet. Despite their large size and apex role in their food web, these snakes’ most threatening predators are humans that hunt them for their skin and out of fear or dislike.

Beatrix’s presence at Shedd helps inspire guests to make a difference in supporting the health of critical ecosystems such as the Amazon River basin, where habitat destruction can displace these important predators. Guests can come face-to-face with Beatrix during their next visit to the aquarium.

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BACKGROUND: As a member of the boa family, green anacondas are constrictors. Like most snakes, they can detach their jaw to swallow large whole prey items. These snakes are well-adapted to life in their native habitats in northern South America, with their noses and eyes set high on the tops of their heads to help them use these senses while swimming undetected to prey in this often-flooded region. Their coloring, typically consisting of green, yellow and black spots, helps them blend into the muddy shallow bodies of water they naturally inhabit and in foliage when they take to land.

VISUALS: High-resolution visuals of the green anaconda are available for download:

Photo Credit: ©Shedd Aquarium

Video Credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Sam Cejtin