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Newest Rescued Otter Pups at Shedd Aquarium Meet the Rest of the Sea Otters

Cooper and Watson Continue to Thrive and Reach New Milestones

December 18, 2019

A sea otter pup lies on its front amidst strips of blue fabric.

Shedd Aquarium’s two rescued sea otter pups, Cooper and Watson, have reached a new milestone this week – socialization. The pups that arrived together in early June have been an inseparable pair making for ideal playmates. Now, the two young otters took an important step forward, which was meeting the other otters at Shedd.

To initially be introduced to the other sea otters at the aquarium, the rescued pups remained together but with the addition of one other otter. One by one, the pups met the rest of Shedd’s otters – Kiana, Yaku, Luna and Ellie. Now, all six otters can be on exhibit together at any time depending on the day and time. Most frequently, the pups have been spotted with Kiana, the smallest adult otter who stands out with the all-white head.

Cooper and Watson have been mastering other important skills as well like grooming – an important natural behavior that allows sea otters to survive in cold waters by meticulously maintaining their coat of fur – and foraging when Shedd’ animal care team put treats in toys or the bottom of the habitat.

Learn more about how these two otter pups found a home at Shedd on the aquarium’s website.

VISUALS: New video of five sea otters – Cooper, Watson, Yaku, Kiana and Luna – together on the public habitat at Shedd Aquarium with holiday enrichment. Cooper has dark brown fur and is slightly larger than Watson who has lighter brown fur. These high-energy, playful and vocal pups are the most kinetic otters in the habitat.

VIDEO: High resolution video is available for download:
Video credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Sam Cejtin