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Shedd Invites Learners to Dive Deeper with New Limited Video Series Stay Home with Shedd Aquarium

May 20, 2020

A blue graphic featuring a penguin waving a wing.

In an effort to continue to connect learners of all ages to the aquatic animal world, Shedd Aquarium is launching a limited video series “Stay Home with Shedd Aquarium” that will bring viewers eye-to-eye with animals and their remarkable underwater biology starting Thursday, May 21. The new series will dive into mysteries surrounding some of visitors’ favorite animals – starting with penguins in the first episode answering questions like “why don’t penguins fly?” and “why are penguins are black and white?”

This new digital learning initiative invites families, educators and learners to discover unique animal adaptations, explore their curiosities and foster a greater appreciation for our blue planet. The limited series is just the latest way to bring the aquarium to virtual visitors everywhere.

“At a time when we would usually be joyfully welcoming over 75,000 students for field trips and several hundred thousand guests at the aquarium, we remain committed to creating engaging learning opportunities, and for now that means shifting to digital offerings like this series,” said Lisa Junkin Lopez, vice president of learning and community at Shedd Aquarium. “We hope these videos are able to connect even more learners and virtual visitors to our mission.”

Benefitting from a seed grant from The Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Foundation, Stay Home with Shedd Aquarium will include four episodes total. A new episode will launch every week through June 11, 2020. Corresponding learning materials will accompany the episodes to further engage with each topic and go screen-free and hands-on with various activities. Resources were designed for 3-5 grade students and can be used by families or adapted for the classroom, aligning with Common Core and NGSS standards. These resources, along with a suite of digital learning initiatives like another video series Sea Curious and an Underwater Beauty Live Cam, can be found at:

While the aquarium may be closed to the public, there are several ways the public can support Shedd Aquarium during this time, including making a donation, symbolically adopting an animal or signing up for a membership.

VISUALS: General, high-resolution photos of Shedd Aquarium can be viewed and downloaded here:

Graphics for the video series can be viewed and downloaded here:

Photo credit: ©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez