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Shedd expert Steve Aibel feeds rescued beluga calf Tyonek at Alaska SeaLife Center.

Caring for Animals in Need

We work together to help animals in need. From the tiniest shrimp to the biggest beluga, we offer dedicated, preventive care to every animal that calls the aquarium home. In addition to building  knowledge through daily care, Shedd's Animal Response Team collaborate with partners around the globe to help wild animals in need, from stranded sea otters to abandoned African penguin chicks.

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Shedding Single-Use Plastics

Every year, 8.8 million tons of plastic pollution enter our oceans. This tide of trash is overwhelming the animals that call aquatic habitats home, with dire results for species such as seabirds, sea otters and sea turtles. We can all take action to help the animals we love, from joining 19 other aquariums in an Aquarium Conservation Partnershipto pledging to reduce single-use plastics

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Scuba diver documenting the collapse of a Nassau grouper spawning aggregation in The Bahamas.

Building Knowledge to Fuel Conservation

From studying shark sanctuaries in the Caribbean to monitoring how migratory fish move through our local Great Lakes,we work with partners to build the knowledge we need to make the world a better place for wildlife. You can take action alongside us to speak up for animals in need—and encourage us all to take the first steps to tackling challenges like climate change and habitat loss.

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Setting a Sustainable Example

From water-conserving exhibits to energy-efficient lighting, from “green” gardens to the food our animals eat—sustainability is built into everything we do! We’ve reached an ambitious target of reducing water use by half, saving 29 million gallons every year, and have similar goals for reducing waste and energy use.

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Encouraging Access to Nature

We know that looking nature in the eye is one of the best ways to spark compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world. Our access initiatives include participation in the Museums for All program, powered by ComEd, and expanded Illinois Resident Free Days, sponsored by Ford Motor Company. We’re always looking for ways to promote accessibility, community outreach and even virtual connections with the animals we love.

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