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Two stunning bright red macaws lift their large, blue-tipped wings in Shedd's Oceanarium.
Red tailed hawk Athens sits before a blue background

Rescued birds of prey

The red-tailed hawks, barred owl and great horned owl that you might see during an aquatic presentation are native to the Chicago area as well as to the Pacific Northwest ecosystem portrayed in the Abbott Oceanarium. These wild birds found a permanent home at Shedd after interactions with humans or other events left them unable to survive on their own.

Barred owl Rainier, who was found as a nestling and raised in a home, is imprinted on people, not his own species. An injury when great horned owl Logan was a fledgling, 15 years ago, left him blind in one eye. But thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, recent surgery restored most of his vision.

Great horned owl

Barred owl

Red-tailed hawk

Brazilian teal

Green-winged macaw

Hawk-headed Parrot