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Clouded archerfish have narrow, lemon-shaped bodies with upturned mouths.


Rivers are home to a great diversity of plant and animal life. In these lessons, student will explore adaptations that make animals well-suited to rivers.

Teacher Guides
Grades K–2 teacher guide
Grades 3–5 teacher guide
Grades 6–8 teacher guide
Grades 9–12 teacher guide

Student Guides
Grades K–2 student guide
Grades 3–5 student guide
Grades 6–8 student guide
Grades 9–12 student guide

NextGen Animal Responders Curriculum

Young students write pledges onto small slips of paper and add them to a "pledge sheet" at the front of their classroom as part of a Shedd NextGen classroom program.

NextGen Animal Responders Curriculum

Shedd's NextGen Animal Responders curriculum guide leads your learners through those questions and more with expert guidance and engaging activities. Incorporating Next Generation Science Standards, our inquiry-based curriculum guide offers an inside look at animal rescue and recovery efforts.

  • Lesson 1: Shedd Habitat Designer
  • Lesson 2: Otter Enrichment Design
  • Lesson 3: Penguin Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Lesson 4: Coral Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Lesson 5: Citizen Science

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