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Brine shrimp under a microscope

Plankton Revealed

Microscopic but mighty, tiny plants and animals, called plankton, are a nutrient-rich food source that many species throughout the aquarium need to grow and thrive. Looking up from the bottom of the food chain, unpack the importance of plankton, peek in at the nursery and discover how growing plankton advances conservation and sustainability.

Read in Spanish!

Plankton Revealed is the aquarium’s first bilingual exhibit, with signage fully translated into Spanish.

Read in Spanish

  • Zoomed in look at plankton


    Peer through the lens of a magnifying glass and get an up-close view of phytoplankton and zooplanktondifficult to spot with the naked eye.

  • Yellow liquid in large canister in a lab


    Discover how growing our own live foods here at Shedd helps conserve and protect our blue planet.

  • Green liquid in foam cup with plankton


    Witness larval fishes in the nursery grow and thrive due in part to these miniscule morsels they munch on.

Small Drifters with a Big Role

Jars and tubes of colorful bubbling liquids seem like something out of a science fiction movie. Here at Shedd, it’s not fiction, just science! Plankton Revealed brings a dynamic system that is traditionally behind the scenes to the forefront for all to experience. This interactive exhibit highlights the importance of tiny organisms that could easily be overlooked, like plankton and algae, which serve as the foundation of health and welfare for many species. Discover how zooplankton respond to light, watch larval (baby) seahorses, sea jellies, silversides and other animals eat and develop through different life stages, and observe how this endeavor to grow live foods in- house is benefiting our blue planet.

White-Spotted Jelly

Flamboyant cuttlefish

Green Chromis

Brine shrimp