Open 9 am - 5 pm
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Guests at stingray touch line the edges of the open-air habitat as stingrays glide just below the surface in the salty water.

Stingray Touch

What does a stingray's skin feel like? Is it smooth or rough like sandpaper? Dip a hand beneath the waves and feel for yourself in Stingray Touch! This special seasonal exhibit lets you interact with the animals and learn about Shedd's expert care. Stingray Touch dates have been extended through November 2nd, weather permitting.

  • A cownose ray gently glides up under a visitor's palm.


    Reach out and feel a stingray! The texture of these tactile animals might surprise you.

  • The x-ray of a stingray shows many layers of cartilage fanning out from a robust ribcage.


    Animal experts can tell you all about how Shedd cares for stingrays.

  • Stingrays swim through Stingray Touch, Shedd's seasonal hands-on exhibit.


    Experience a whole school of stingrays swimming around each other.

Reach out and touch

Connect with animals in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience. Stingray Touch gives you the unique chance to get even closer to animals and nature, by feeling the tropical water and the back of a stingray. These fascinating fish glide around the habitat, flapping against each other and your fingers.

Exhibit dates

Stingray Touch is open through November 1st, weather permitting.