Open 9 am - 6 pm
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Guests at stingray touch line the edges of the open-air habitat as stingrays glide just below the surface in the salty water.

Stingray Touch

What does a stingray's skin feel like? Is it smooth or rough like sandpaper? Dip a hand beneath the waves and feel for yourself in Stingray Touch! Open late-May through early-September, this special seasonal exhibit lets you interact with the animals and learn about Shedd's expert care.

  • A cownose ray gently glides up under a visitor's palm.


    Reach out and feel a stingray! The texture of these tactile animals might surprise you.

  • The x-ray of a stingray shows many layers of cartilage fanning out from a robust ribcage.


    Animal experts can tell you all about how Shedd cares for stingrays.

  • Stingrays swim through Stingray Touch, Shedd's seasonal hands-on exhibit.


    Experience a whole school of stingrays swimming around each other.

Reach out and touch

Connect with animals in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience. Stingray Touch gives you the unique chance to get even closer to animals and nature, by feeling the tropical water and the back of a stingray. These fascinating fish glide around the habitat, flapping against each other and your fingers.

Exhibit dates

Stingray Touch is open from late-May to Early-Sept.