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Find your favorite animals faster. 

Search for your favorite animals by name.

Two phone screens are shown side by side. The one on on the left shows a 'Browse by animal' page where animals can be selected from an alphabetical name list. The screen on the right shows information about the orange clownfish including a photo.

Dive deeper into an animal’s story.

Three phone screens. The screen on the left is titled 'Your Favorites' and includes a list of favorite exhibits, habitats and animals. The two screens on the right depict an animal page for the whitespotted guitarfish featuring information such as habitat, size, range, and where the animal can be found at Shedd.

Scan information right in front of an animal’s habitat.

Look for habitat labels during your visit to Shedd. Scan the QR code to learn more about the animals you see.

Three phone screens are shown. From left to right, the screens show a page titled 'Discover' that has options for scanning a habitat QR code or entering a habitat ID number, a page titled 'Patterns that Disguise' where the animals in a particular habitat are displayed and can be selected, and an animal information page for 'Joker's hat coral'.

Access a building map whenever you need it.

A phone screen and a tablet device screen are both shown, each displaying the Shedd digital map.

You can even start exploring exhibits from home.

Two screens. The screen on the left is titled 'Choose an Exhibit' and different exhibits at Shedd are shown as cards that can be scrolled through horizontally. On the right, a detail of the Wild Reef exhibit information page shows information about the animals in the exhibit as well as where it is in the aquarium.

Explore en Español!

This app is fully translated into Spanish, made possible with the support from the Service Club of Chicago.

Three phone screens are shown. The first is a welcome screen with two buttons to choose from, English and Español. The second shows a menu with various options in Spanish, including "idioma". The third shows an app page titled "Descubrir".

Specify the language when you first open the app, or at any time by tapping the "more” navigation icon and selecting "language."

Need help?

Are you having an issue with the app? Email us and we'll help you figure it out.