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Diving Suits This Volunteer’s Purpose

It’s a long way from Shedd Aquarium to Midway Atoll, at the northwestern tip of the Hawaiian archipelago, just this side of the imaginary line that separates today from tomorrow. Volunteer diver Bob Grist has made that 4,945-mile journey, and thanks to his initiative, 40 retired Shedd wetsuits made the same trip on a cargo ship for delivery to researchers on Midway and adjacent Kure Atoll.

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An Inside Look at Shedd

As you watch the sea otters play in the Abbott Oceanarium, how can you tell Yaku from Ellie? What's it like to drop everything and rush to Canada to help rescue a stranded beluga whale? Discover yourself with Shedd's stories and updates, sharing everything from new arrivals to animal rescues across the globe!