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Follow 5 inspiring women eco-warriors

We thank and celebrate the historical women who paved the way for us, but who are the need-to-know women making a difference for our planet right now? Follow these five nature-loving ladies on social media to learn how they are each making an impact.

A smiling young woman using her mobile phone in a coffee shop.

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  1. Dr. Earyn McGee —Dr. McGee studies reptiles and amphibians. Her work focuses on studying the effects of climate change on lizards in the Southwestern U.S. She is committed to increasing diversity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers by mentoring the next generation of conservationists. On social media, she makes science accessible and fun, especially through her popular #FindThatLizard campaign. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter at @Afro_Herper.

  2. Jaida Elcock —Jaida is a PhD student studying shark conservation and promoting diversity in the research field. She co-founded Minorities in Shark Science (MISS), a nonprofit organization seeking to increase diversity and inclusion in the research field through speaking events and field science camps. When she’s not studying sharks, you can find her on social media where she highlights and shares unusual facts about marine animals through fun, fast-paced comedic videos! Follow her on Twitter, Tik Tok or Instagram at @soFISHtication.

  3. Cindy Villasenor —Cindy, or @cerowastecindy on Instagram, is a zero-waste advocate working to make the world of sustainability accessible to all. An outdoor enthusiast and environmental advocate, Cindy shares practical ways to start and maintain a sustainable, low waste way of living. She takes topics like composting, reuse and plastic pollution that can seem intimidating and offers practical ways to take part. Follow her Instagram or visit her blog at to learn from her!

  4. Zahra Biabani —Zahra is a champion for the planet by way of sustainable fashion. She founded Rent In the Loop—due to launch next month—to make sustainable fashion more accessible and available to all. Zahra and her brand aim to reduce waste in the fashion supply chain and keep clothing in use for as long as possible, with the ultimate goal of preserving Earth’s resources in a move that is better for people and the planet. Follow her on Instagram at @soulful_seeds where she shares more ways to help the planet, as well as “Weekly Earth Wins” that highlight positive efforts taking place to reduce climate change from around the globe.

  5. Dr. Imari Walker —Dr. Walker is an environmental engineer with a focus on microplastic research. She aims to educate the public on plastic pollution in the environment and the chemicals associated with them, and how they affect our own bodies and ecosystems by making easy-to-understand science videos on YouTube. Additionally, she hopes to inspire and diversify the next generation of environmental scientists by sharing her story and providing tips to be successful in education spaces and beyond. Check out her YouTube channel where she uploads videos weekly!