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A headshot of Peggy Sloan in front of Shedd's historic bronze doors. Peggy Sloan, Chief Animal Operations Officer

Sharing Life and Loss Together

Dolphin Sagu puts his blowhole above the surface of the water for a breath.

It is our privilege to share in moments of celebration, and loss, together with you.

Sagu, a spirited male Pacific white-sided dolphin whose name means “joy,” took ill just over a week ago. Through the exceptional leadership of our Animal Health team and additional expert consultation from professionals across the country, Sagu was diagnosed with an untreatable condition. Known technically as intussusception, which occurs when part of the intestine telescopes upon itself restricting passage of food, it is a rare condition, and its cause is unclear.

Our team, along with expert partners, addressed Sagu’s condition with an unprecedented emergency surgery last Thursday in an effort to give the dolphin every chance possible to survive. Sadly, the damage caused by infection related to the condition left Sagu unable to recover from surgery.

We are so grateful to the team of truly dedicated animal care professionals and experts who did everything within their power to save Sagu. We are also so fortunate to have had the opportunity to care for him for his entire life and to share his spirited personality with millions of guests, inspiring them to better understand and protect our blue planet.

—Peggy Sloan, Chief Animal Operations Officer