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A young guest stretches out his arms to compare their length to that of a Leopard Shark in Shedd's Kelp Forest exhibit. The shark is a little longer than his arms fully stretched out.


Look below the ocean’s surface: You’ll find as much variety and opportunity — maybe more — as on land.

  • A close look at the closely-packed, round suckers on the tentacle of a giant Pacific octopus.


    The octopus often likes to hide during the day, with help from a flexible body and color-changing camouflage. 

  • Kelp in the kelp forest habitat at Shedd sways hypnotically in the current.


    Our immersive Kelp Forest is a soothing scene, with swaying fronds and hiding places for horn sharks and rockfish. 

  • A potbelly seahorse floats in its habitat at Shedd Aquarium.


    Hear how octopuses pump blue blood and seahorses suck in their prey with Shedd’s special audio guides

A niche in every nook and cranny

From the shallow-water sharks of coastal kelp forests to the solitary octopus in a seafloor cave, ocean animals display astounding adaptability in making homes in the world’s temperate and cold oceans. Ghostly giant deep-sea isopods scuttle over rugged seafloor terrain. Lanky moray eels slide in and out of hiding places in rocky reefs. And spotted ratfish, ancient kin of sharks, withstand the depths’ low light and high pressure. Look below the ocean’s surface: You’ll find as much variety and opportunity—maybe more—as on land.

A giant Pacific octopus uses all eight arms to explore some special enrichment—and even tries to grab an extra snack!

Leopard Shark

Swell Shark

Horn Shark

American lobster