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❄️ Gift an Unforgettable Experience ❄️

What do you get for someone who has it all? An immersive experience they will never forget! From virtual explorations of aquatic habitats to behind-the-scenes encounters with animals, have them unwrap the gift of underwater beauty. 

  1. Virtual Shark Feeding Tour: Join the ocean's most dynamic and misunderstood predators — sharks — and other marine predators for brunch on this virtual feeding tour. Discover how each shark and ray species in Wild Reef has been trained to respond to an aquarist’s signal for mealtime.

  2. Virtual Penguin Video Messages: Switch to virtual cards this year and do something special for the next birthday on your list by sending a penguin video message. Not only do virtual cards help our planet, a penguin message is sure to bring an extra smile!

  3. Virtual Otter Encounter: There is never a dull moment while observing and learning about how sea otters eat, swim, vocalize, groom, dive, and play.

  4. Virtual Sea Lion Encounter: Meet the rescued sea lions at Shedd with a big bark and even bigger stories. Participate in a fun animal care session to learn about their incredible skills and behaviors.

  5. Visit in person: Plan a fun visit to Shedd with your loved ones to look nature in the eye and experience the aquatic animal world.

  6. Membership: Give a gift to a loved one that’s a great deal for them and means a great deal to us! Choose “Buy as a Gift” for recipients to get free admission to Shedd for a year—they'll get the gift now, but can choose to activate when they feel comfortable.

❄️ Give a Gift That Gives Back ❄️

Love giving gifts inspired by the animals you love? From gifts under $50 that make for great stocking stuffers like animal plushes to stylish and sustainable apparel to reusables like mugs and tumblers, every item in our online store is inspired by aquatic animal life and protecting it.


Please note the links in this section will take you to our online store which has a separate URL and different purchase pathway than this site. Orders are processed through a secure Shedd-certified site. 

Every item you find in Shedd Aquarium’s store is inspired by aquatic animals. Not only do you support Shedd when you shop—you also help support our commitment to conservation and taking action for animals at the aquarium and in natural habitats around the world.

❄️ Gift Your Support ❄️

Prefer something symbolic? Share your love for the aquatic animal world by giving a gift that helps support Shedd Aquarium. With you by our side, we are able to care for resident animals, create learning programs for families and educators and take action for animals and our blue planet.

Contributions to Shedd ensure that our mission to spark compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world remains resilient.

Honor a loved one with a special dedication

Recognize someone special this holiday season by making a contribution in their name. You can honor someone who has made a difference in your life or celebrate the memory of someone you love!

Make a special dedication

Adopt an animal

Have a special connection with penguins, belugas, otters or turtles? Symbolically adopt one and receive a matching plush! When you symbolically adopt an animal at Shedd, you support our mission and top-quality animal care.


Make a difference monthly

Looking for ways to simplify your contributions? Consider scheduling reoccurring donations monthly or annually. Save time on set up and start giving on an ongoing basis. 



Already shopping on Amazon? Did you know Amazon will donate 0.5% of purchases to the nonprofit of your choice? Just enable AmazonSmile on your account and start supporting our mission and top-quality animal care.

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Facebook fundraisers

Want to start a fundraiser or create a birthday campaign for Shedd to share with your friends on social media? Just head to your Facebook, click "Fundraisers", select "Raise Money" and then search for "Shedd Aquarium" under non-profits. Happy fundraising! 

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