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Get up close and go behind the scenes to visit your favorite aquatic animals! 

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A visitor gets up close with a whale during a Shedd Beluga Encounter.

Participants in a shark feeding tour behind the scenes of Shedd's Wild Reef stand above the large, deep shark habitat and watch as a Shedd animal care specialist uses specially-colored targets to call individual sharks to the edge of the habitat.

A sea otter sits in the water with its front paws on a rock.

Laguna perches on the edge of a habitat behind the scenes at Shedd Aquarium.

A young guest reaches out to gently touch the slick feathers on a penguin's back during a penguin encounter.

The translucent bells of moon jellies undulate in dark blue waters.

  • Beluga Encounter:  Meet the belugas where they live! Step into chest-deep water and come face to face with a beluga whale.
  • Shark Feeding Tour: Join the sharks and rays for brunch on this behind-the-scenes feeding tour.
  • Sea Otter Encounter: Meet the curious and playful sea otters as they eat, swim and play. 
  • Sea Lion EncounterCome face to face with the dynamic and intelligent sea lions.
  • Penguin Encounter: Meet one of Shedd’s penguins and see them explore, preen, play with toys and gulp fish.
  • Must See Tour: Led by an enthusiastic guide, explore Shedd from a new perspective. 

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Gifts for Kids

Find gifts for the future marine biologists, veterinarians and mermaids in your life! From octopus shirts to plush seahorses, there are so many fun options to choose from.

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Fun fact! Our plush toys are sustainable with 100% post-consumer polyester fill and no bead pouches.

Penguin Pajama Collection

The whole family can keep cozy and match for holiday photos in the new penguin pajama sets!

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An Exclusive Shedd Book

The cover of a playfully illustrated children's book featuring two rockhopper penguins. The title is 'Edward and Annie'.

Edward and Annie

Join rockhoppers Edward and Annie, parents of the colony’s newest rockhopper penguin, on an adventure around the aquarium in this colorfully illustrated children’s book!

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Animal Apparel and Accessories

Shop apparel and accessories featuring everyone's favorite aquatic animals.

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Explore sustainable gifts for the eco-conscious people in your life. Give them the gift of quality, reusable items that reduce plastic waste.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Conservation is a part of our mission, and this extends through our partnerships in the building and beyond. Our eCommerce partner, Event Network, has made waves in the path to sustainability from their supply chain and beyond.



  • Helped launch the Transitional Cotton Project to help further the growth of certified organic cotton farming. Organic methods have a lower impact on the environment, maintain soil fertility, reduce toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers and build biologically diverse agriculture.
  • Partnered with Tentree, a brand with a vision to drastically reduce climate change by planting trees.

Packaging and supply chain:

  • Adjusted hangtags to be printed on recycled materials
  • Eliminated individual polybags and boxing
  • Simplified packaging by reducing plastic waste
  • Redesigned toy packaging to remove single-use plastic and Styrofoam


Packaging and supply chain adjustments:

  • Saved over 54,000 pounds of plastic
  • Reduced freight emissions by 50%

Sustainable alternative offerings:

  • 250,000,000 straws saved from use
  • 23,836,000 bottles saved from oceans and landfills
  • 2,040,000 plastic bags saved from use

Tentree partnership:

  • Planted 17,390 trees, or the equivalent of 9 acres of land being restored