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SheddTalks Minis: A Wellness Check for Wellington

Join Wellington for his annual exam with our veterinarian team. Watch him get a clean bill of health during this check up — even at the geriatric age of 33! Routine exams like this are quick, gentle and important to monitor the health of animals in our care. An animal care team member that works with the specific animal is always present to ensure they are comfortable. Finally, watch Wellington return to his habitat, cleared for future field trips!

SheddTalks Minis: Animal Bonds

Explore the unique and incredible connections between animals in our aquatic world — from symbiotic bonds, to family group dynamics to, fish that mate for life and more.

SheddTalks Minis: A Conversation with an Arctic Ocean Explorer

This month, we were joined by Arctic Ocean scientist Frances Crable to talk about what she does. Frances’ research focuses on Arctic ocean nutrient cycles and effects of climate change. While she now focuses on research that takes her to the Northwest Passage, she got her start in warmer waters in our Shedd Teen Programs, which took her to the Apostle Islands and The Bahamas.

SheddTalks Minis: Magellanic Penguin Chicks

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at the new Magellanic penguin chicks, as well as a look at last year's four chicks. (Filmed during our fundraising event, Shedd's Day of Giving) These fuzzy penguins are adorable, but they also represent an important addition to the shared Species Survival Plan Shedd is a part of.

SheddTalks Minis: A Training Session with Nickel the Sea Turtle

Spend time with Nickel the green sea turtle in Caribbean Reef! Get a behind-the-scenes look at care and training for this incredible animal ambassador and learn about her rescue story.

SheddTalks Minis: Behind-The-Scenes Shark Training and Feeding

In honor of Shark Week, we have the opportunity to experience feeding and training with the zebra sharks that call Wild Reef home. They are part of a key breeding initiative to help bolster the population of this endangered species.

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