Extraordinary Experiences

Are you looking for a Shedd experience that’s a little more special, more personal, more in-depth? Whether it’s a guided tour behind the scenes or a special proposal beside the belugas, we’ve got experiences you’ll never forget.

What kind of experience are you looking for?

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Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Behind the scenes at Shedd$59.95 for adults; $49.95 for children; $18.95 for members
See Shedd from the perspective of our animal care staff during a 60-minute guided behind-the-scenes tour. You’ll view the aquarium from a new angle, and see where Shedd cares for their 32,000 animals. Learn more>

Tour of the Month

Nickel the Turtle$59.95 for adults; $49.95 for children; $18.95 for members
Get an insider’s look at three exhibits during a 45-minute front-of-scenes tour. The theme changes every month, so reserve your spot today! August's tour introduces you to rescued and rehabilitated animals at Shedd. Learn more>

Private Personalized Tours

Rizzo the Octopus$74.95 for adults; $64.95 for children; $35.00 for members.
Want to experience Shedd like an insider? Join one of our experts on this mini-tour of Shedd hotspots! This is your chance to plan the perfect Shedd tour. Share your favorite animals when you register to set the agenda for your guide! Learn more>

Beluga Encounter

Beluga Kissing Girl$199.95 a person ($139.95 for members)
Meet the belugas where they live! You’ll touch the beluga’s skin, try a few training techniques and enjoy some surprises. Learn more>

Sea Otter Encounter

Sea otter$129.95 for adults; $114.95 for children ($84.95 for members)
Meet a sea otter at Shedd Aquarium! In our unique Sea Otter Encounter, you’ll get an up-close and personal look at Shedd’s sea otter program and assist with a playful training session alongside Shedd’s animal trainers. Learn more>

Penguin Encounter

Trainer Holding Penguin$94.95 for adults, $79.95 for children; $49.95 for members
During Shedd’s 60-minute penguin encounter, you’ll be introduced to one of our penguins, getting close enough to touch its sleek, slick feathers. Learn more>

Shark Feeding Tour

Two Sharks$94.95 for adults; $79.95 for children; $49.95 for members.
Dive deeper into Wild Reef—and experience mealtime with the sharks—during this 90-minute guided exploration into how Shedd’s experts care for one of the aquarium’s most diverse and fascinating animal groups. Learn more>

Trainer for a Day

Dolphin Standing on Water$360 a person ($300 for members) for 4 hours
Experience Shedd like few people can… as a marine mammal trainer! Go behind the scenes to experience caring for belugas, dolphins, sea otters, sea lions and penguins. Learn more>

Proposals at Shedd

Couple Smiling at BelugaShedd Aquarium offers a choice of several unique and unforgettable proposal opportunities. Learn more>