Extraordinary Experiences

Are you looking for a Shedd experience that’s a little more special, more personal, more in-depth? Whether it’s a guided tour behind the scenes or a special proposal beside the belugas, we’ve got experiences you’ll never forget.

What kind of experience are you looking for?

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February is Member Appreciation Month! Members receive extra discounts on Behind-the-Scenes Tours, Beluga Encounters and Trainer for a Day Extraordinary Experiences purchased February 1-28, 2019.

Discounted Extraordinary Experiences must be purchased between Feb. 1-28, 2019. Available for any Behind-the-Scenes Tour, Beluga Encounter and Trainer for a Day experience from Feb. 1 through Mar. 31, 2019. No gift certificates available, a date must be chosen for the Extraordinary Experience at time of purchase. Membership must be active at time of use.

Private Personalized Tours

Otter$74.95 for adults; $64.95 for children; $35.00 for members.
Want to experience Shedd like an insider? Join one of our experts on this mini-tour of Shedd hotspots! This is your chance to plan the perfect Shedd tour. Share your favorite animals when you register to set the agenda for your guide! Learn more>

Beluga Encounter

Beluga Kissing Girl$199.95 a person ($139.95 for members)
Meet the belugas where they live! You’ll touch the beluga’s skin, try a few training techniques and enjoy some surprises. Learn more>

Penguin Encounter

Trainer Holding Penguin$94.95 for adults, $79.95 for children; $49.95 for members
During Shedd’s 60-minute penguin encounter, you’ll be introduced to one of our penguins, getting close enough to touch its sleek, slick feathers. You’ll learn more about Shedd’s penguin population and even take part in a mini training session. Learn more>

Shark Feeding Tour: Behind the Scenes in Wild Reef

Two Sharks$94.95 for adults; $79.95 for children; $49.95 for members.
Dive deeper into Wild Reef—and experience mealtime with the sharks—during this 90-minute guided exploration into how Shedd’s experts care for one of the aquarium’s most diverse and fascinating animal groups. Learn more>

Trainer for a Day

Dolphin Standing on Water$360 a person ($300 for members) for 4 hours
Pull on a pair of our tall rubber boots and go behind the scenes to experience what it’s like to be a marine mammal trainer. You’ll assist a trainer with daily routines and experience multiple training and feeding sessions. Learn more>

Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Behind the scenes at Shedd$59.95 for adults; $49.95 for children; $18.95 for members
See Shedd from the perspective of our animal care staff during a 60-minute guided behind-the-scenes tour. You’ll view the aquarium from a new angle, and see where Shedd cares for their 32,000 animals. Learn more>

Proposals at Shedd

Couple Smiling at BelugaShedd Aquarium offers a choice of several unique and unforgettable proposal opportunities. Learn more>