Shedd Experiences

Want to make the most of your day at Shedd? Plan your visit around our special experiences, which can make an amazing day unforgettable! Touch a sturgeon, immerse yourself in a 4-D Experience and learn more about Shedd’s animals during special presentations!

See the schedule of everything happening during your day at Shedd!

When you visit

Nickle the Sea Turtle

Animal chats: Attend a dive session or hear from Shedd experts about the sharks, sea lions and penguins that live at Shedd.

4-D Show4-D ExperiencesThese can’t-miss shows combine immersive 3-D visuals with live multisensory effects. A $4.95 upgrade ($2.95 for Shedd members).

Shedd Trainer with KukdlaaAquatic presentations: See how beluga whales, sea lions, dolphins and other animals are cared for every day by their trainers.

Stingray TouchAnimal encounters: Dip your hand and discover the unique textures of stringrays, sturgeons and sea stars.

Dive deeper into Shedd

Shark Feeding Tour

Extraordinary Experiences: Whether it’s a guided tour behind the scenes or a special proposal beside the belugas, we’ve got experiences you’ll never forget.

Ellie the Sea Otter

Calendar and special events: There’s always more to see at Shedd! Check our full listing of special events, from After Hours events to Great Lakes Action Days.

Toucan in Costa RicaTravel with Shedd: Explore the world’s wild places on a Shedd Adventure. These custom trips cater to your love of nature, your curiosity for wildlife and your quest for meaningful travel.

Kid holding a shell

Camps and learning programsShedd's programs spark students' compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world.