Raise Your Voice in Support of the Endangered Species Act

Endangered species need our help!

For more than 45 years, the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) has protected and restored populations of threatened and endangered species.

At Shedd, we work to protect endangered species and their habitats through science-driven conservation.

Since 1973, the ESA has aided in preventing the extinction of 99 percent of its listed species, including more than 22 species of animals in Shedd’s care—from sea otters to sturgeons.

The revised federal rules undermine decades of progress restoring and protecting endangered and threatened species. We all have a duty to save endangered and threatened wildlife and the places where they live, and now is the time to increase protections for endangered species, not weaken them.

We are working to save our nation's Endangered Species Act and strengthen the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act, but we can't do it alone. Your voice is needed to take action for wildlife and their habitats.

Sign today to make your voice heard.