Uncharted (plastic) waters

By 2050, plastic is expected to outweigh fish in the ocean. Our Great Lakes are filling up too. Every year enough plastic weighing the equivalent of 7,300 adult beluga whales enter our Great Lakes.

For Plastic-Free July, we want to make sure our Great Lakes are full of fish and other awe-inspiring aquatic wildlife—not plastic—by remembering reusables.

We know that all-too-familiar feeling of standing in the grocery store and realizing that the reusable shopping bags are at home. Remembering your reusables can be hard!

To help, we’ll provide door hangers to our guests July 15-31 to give you that helpful reminder to bring your reusables! Write in the item that you’d most like to pledge to remember: bottles, bags, utensils, mason jars and more. Hangers will be available at Shedd Aquarium while supplies last.

We’d love to see your Plastic-Free July pledge. Take a photo of your door hanger and post on social media using #LetsSheddPlastic. Extra points for creativity! We’ll feature these on our social media channels throughout the month.

Can't visit Shedd Aquarium this month? Download your template here for an easy DIY project. (841 KB PDF)