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Shedd Aquarium Brings 'Underwater Beauty' to the Surface in New Special Exhibit Opening Memorial Day Weekend

Water wall features states, "Underwater Beauty."From boldly-colored fish and glowing coral to dreamlike patterns of wrasses and tangs, Shedd Aquarium’s new special exhibit, Underwater Beauty, aims to bring guests closer to the stunning and surprising spectrum of shapes, sizes, movement, patterns and colors that exist within the aquatic animal world to inspire the notion of “beauty worth saving.” Presented by Citadel, the exhibit opens to the public on Friday, May 25 with special members-only access beginning Friday, May 18. Continue Reading>

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GATX Executive Brian A. Kenney Elected Shedd Aquarium Board Chairman

Brian A. KenneyShedd Aquarium’s Board of Trustees today elected Brian A. Kenney the organization’s new Chairman of the Board at its annual meeting. Kenney is chairman, president and chief executive officer of Chicago-based GATX Corporation and succeeds H. John Gilbertson Jr., a retired managing director of Goldman, Sachs & Co. who has served in the role since 2015. Continue Reading>

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Meet Shedd Aquarium's Newest Magellanic Penguin Chick

Magellanic penguin chick in the hand of a trainer, opens its mouth as if to squawk. Shedd Aquarium, a leader in animal care, welcomes a new Magellanic penguin chick (Spheniscus magellanicus), hatched on Saturday, May 12 following penguin breeding season in late March. This is the first penguin chick born at the aquarium since Diego in 2015. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Vet Shares Update From Madagascar Tortoise Triage Effort

Critically endangered tortoise found in private residence with no food or water.This week, a veterinarian from Shedd Aquarium’s Animal Response Team flew to Madagascar to provide on-site medical care and relocation assistance for nearly 10,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises. The tortoises were discovered by authorities in a private residence, where it is suspected they had been for weeks with no access to food and water. Prized for their ornate shells, the reptiles were likely meant for the poaching or illegal pet trade. Continue Reading>

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Sign of Spring: Shedd Aquarium Welcomes Six Wood Ducklings

One wood duckling stands on a large rock structure.Spring is in the air at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, which just welcomed six fuzzy wood ducklings into the world. Wood ducks are a species native to the Great Lakes region and beyond, and the arrival of ducklings is a common symbol of the change in season. Continue Reading>

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Chicago White Sox Make Guaranteed Rate Field Straw-Free for the Season

Nickel, a green sea turtle, is front and center in the photo and below her is the phrase "Shedd the Straw for Sea Turtles!"The Chicago White Sox, along with concessionaire partners, Delaware North Sportservice, Gibson’s ChiSox Bar & Grill and Levy, are joining Shedd Aquarium’s “Shedd The Straw” initiative to reduce the use of single-use plastic straws at Guaranteed Rate Field. The White Sox will become the first team in Major League Baseball to serve drinks during games without an accompanying plastic straw for nearly an entire season. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Sparks Conservation Action During "Earth Week at Shedd"

Ty, a sea lion, holds up a reusable canvas bag on his flipper. Shedd Aquarium is set to host a suite of events and activities leading up to Earth Day this year that are designed to get people of all ages and interests educated and inspired to play a role in protecting the environment. Taking place from Saturday, April 14 through Sunday, April 22, Earth Week at Shedd will provide visitors with individual ways they can take action for the Earth, like reducing their use of single-use plastic items. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Names Gary Gordon Chief Financial Officer 

Headshot of Gary Gordon, Shedd Aquarium's CFO. Shedd Aquarium announced today that Gary Gordon, a finance executive with over 20 years of financial and administrative experience across multiple government sectors, will join its executive team as chief financial officer April 23. In this role, Gordon will be responsible for optimizing organizational performance along with long-term modeling and planning to ensure financial stability for the institution, including operational efficiencies in risk management, cost effectiveness and financial controls. Continue Reading>

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Shedd New Book Explores Zoos', Aquariums' Evolving Role in Tackling Global Biodiversity Crisis

Book cover title, "The Ark and Beyond: The Evolution of Zoo and Aquarium Conservation." As scores of wild species and ecosystems around the world face a variety of human-caused threats, from habitat destruction and fragmentation to rapid climate change, a new book published by the University of Chicago Press illuminates the growing significance zoos and aquariums play as conservation engines for the preservation of global biodiversity in this century. Titled “The Ark and Beyond: The Evolution of Zoo and Aquarium Conservation,” the book, published in March 2018, includes a rich and diverse collection of authors including leaders from Shedd Aquarium and Phoenix Zoo, as well as from a host of other zoos and aquariums accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Continue Reading>

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Underwater Beauty: A New Special Exhibit Coming to Shedd Aquarium

This May, Shedd Aquarium will celebrate the diverse and vibrant beauty of marine life through the opening of its latest special exhibit –Underwater Beauty. Featuring thousands of animals representing 100 species, Underwater Beauty promises to be the aquarium’s most diverse special exhibit in its 88-year history. Continue Reading>

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New Research at Shedd Aquarium Studies Impacts of Touch Pool Exhibits on Animal Health

A group of cownose stingray swim toward the camera. Cownose rays (Rhinoptera bonasus) are commonly displayed in touch pool exhibits at accredited zoos and aquariums across the country, but there has been little research to explore how these practices might affect the health of the animals. That was the motivation behind a newly published study in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, which compared health parameters of cownose rays in a public-facing touch pool with those of cownose rays that remained in a larger system off-exhibit. Continue Reading>

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Otter-ly Adorable Snow Day at Shedd Aquarium

Kiana, a Northern sea otter, is a real standout with an all-white head. She stands in a pile of snow.Shedd Aquarium’s rescued sea otters received special enrichment when animal care experts brought fresh snow into their habitat. With the densest fur in the animal kingdom, the otters took no time striding and sliding into the snow in a typical “otter-ly” adorable way. Continue Reading>

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Chicago Zoological Society Takes on Lead on Multi-Institutional Cetacean Study

Underwater image of two beluga whales looking at the camera.The Chicago Zoological Society (CZS), which manages Brookfield Zoo, is taking the lead in the largest-ever, multi-institutional study of how physical habitat, environmental enrichment, and animal training impact the welfare of cetaceans in zoos and aquariums worldwide. This study will take place across 44 accredited facilities in seven countries where scientists will gather data regarding approximately 290 common and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, 20 beluga whales, and eight Pacific white-sided dolphins. Continue Reading>

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