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Shedd Aquarium Animal Response Team Flies Cross-Country to Alaska to Care for Stranded Sea Otter Pup

Three-month-old Northern sea otter pup's face as he's enveloped by a white terry cloth.While Shedd guests and staff celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week here in Chicago, a sea otter expert from the aquarium is up in Alaska working around-the-clock to care for an abandoned sea otter pup. The aquarium’s Animal Response Team received a call from its partner the Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC), the only permitted stranded marine mammal response facility in the state, to assist in the rehabilitation of a three-month-old Northern sea otter (Enhydra lutris kenyoni). Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Welcomes Traveling Exhibit With a Dire Message

A river otter sculpture made entirely out of marine debris stands before visitors.This Saturday, Sept. 23, Shedd Aquarium will unveil 10 new arrivals – giant sea life sculptures made entirely from plastic marine debris. The sculptures represent the first installment of a traveling exhibit, Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea, which illustrates how plastic pollution has become one of the gravest threats facing ocean and freshwater animals, while helping the public understand what they can do to be a part of the solution. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Elects Four Senior Executives to Board of Trustees

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago’s most visited paid cultural attraction and a national leader in animal care, conservation education and research, announces the election of four senior executives from leading local companies to its Board of Trustees: Julie Andreeff Jensen of Citadel; Jerry Krulewitch of McDonald’s; Andrew P. Nocella of United Airlines; and Richard Tobin of CNH Industrial N.V. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Challenges You to #ClearYourSheddule This September 

At the center of the photo, a single silver fish swims in the Caribbean Reef habitat at Shedd.Recognizing the busy nature of the end of summer and back to school season, Shedd Aquarium is making it easier than ever for guests to access nature and family fun in September. For 24 consecutive days, Shedd Aquarium will offer its Illinois Resident Free Days with all-inclusive access to the aquarium’s 32,000 animals, aquatic presentation, special exhibit, Amphibians, special programs and more. Coupled with two new free Jazzin’ At The Shedd evenings and special free days for seniors and military personnel, Shedd is more accessible than ever before, begging the challenge to locals to #ClearYourSheddule. Continue Reading>

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A Turtle-ly Awesome Look at Animal Health Check-Ups

Dr. Matt O'Connor, a vet at Shedd Aquarium, holds a 30-pound alligator snapping turtle with its mouth agape. Before making his public debut, Dante, a 13-year-old alligator snapping turtle (Macroclemys temminckii), needed to check in with the veterinary team at Shedd Aquarium. Experts took extra caution with this reptile, weighing in at 30 pounds and sporting gaping, hooked jaws that pack a serious bite. The wellness check took place at the aquarium’s A. Watson Armour III Center for Aquatic Animal Health and WelfareContinue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Researchers Document Extreme Recovery Capabilities of Shark Species 

Wild lemon shark guides through the water, but at closer glance you can see a large metal fish stringer stuck in the abdomen.  Shedd Aquarium researchers and colleagues published a research study this month in the scientific journal Marine & Freshwater Research that documented the unique recovery capabilities sharks possess using the case study of a wild lemon shark, Negaprion brevirostris, in Florida. In the study, scientists documented a lemon shark’s ability to expel a large metal fish stringer out of its body cavity over the course of 435 days. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Showcases Sneak Preview of Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea

Stella the Seahorse, a thirteen foot tall and 1,600 pound sculpture, is made with plastic marine debris such as drink bottles, toy shovels, flip flop cut outs and more. Shedd Aquarium welcomes the first installation of one massive, colorful sculpture from Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea, a traveling exhibit that officially debuts at the aquarium on September 23. Stella the Seahorse, a sculpture made entirely of plastic marine debris removed from Pacific Coast beaches, is part of the collection of art made entirely of trash that offers Shedd visitors a powerful, visual reality of the proliferation of plastic pollution in the world’s waterways through representations of marine animals using thousands of pieces of plastic in every color of the rainbow. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Welcomes New Scientist to Conservation Research Team

Headshot of Steven Kessel in front of Caribbean Reef exhibit at Shedd Aquarium. Shedd Aquarium is excited to welcome Steven Kessel, Ph.D. as the the newest addition to the Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research. As Shedd Aquarium’s Director of Marine Research, Kessel will oversee a suite of marine conservation research projects aimed at protecting commercially important Caribbean species, such as endangered Nassau grouper and threatened queen conch. Continue Reading>

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Shedd Aquarium Champions New Collaboration Among National Colleagues to Tackle Growing Plasic Pollution Threat Facing Great Lakes, Rivers, Oceans

Plastic bottles, wrappers, containers and more litter the concrete path near Lake Michigan.Shedd Aquarium is one of 19 accredited aquariums across the United States announcing the joint creation of a new Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) focused on addressing one of the gravest threats facing ocean and freshwater animals – plastic pollution. A founding member of the collaborative, Shedd is now a plastic bag and plastic straw-free facility and is asking the public to join them in the shift away from single-use plastics as part of a nationwide consumer campaign launching today. Continue Reading>

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New Study Shows a Caribbean Queen Conch Population is Slowly Dying of Old Age Within a Marine Sanctuary

Queen Conch The queen conch is an iconic Caribbean marine snail whose populations have declined significantly over the last two decades due to overfishing. Even when individual populations are well-protected within marine sanctuaries their long-term viability may be in doubt, according to a new study published at the end of June in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series. The study suggests that a network of connected marine parks would better protect conch into the future. Continue Reading>

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