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Several Sea stars lie on a rock wall underwater.

Sea Stars

Who needs a head when you have five arms to work with? Sea stars and their relatives are unique among animals for their five-sided bodies.

A 5 armed sea star lays on a large rock.

Many arms of care

How do you examine a sea star's arm more than once when their arms are identical? There's no particular right, left, up or down, so taking X-rays, diagnosing, drawing samples, or performing surgery is a bit tricky! Shedd's animal care team figured out a way to orient the many arms of these invertebrates, based on their anatomy, to properly care for them.

What does a sea star look like when it's feeding? Watch this time-lapsed video to find out!

“Meeting a sea star in Sea Star Touch is such a wonderful experience, as something so alien looking actually senses, eats, interacts, moves just as we do. ”

George Parsons, Director of Animal Planning and Dive Operations

Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star

Ochre Sea Star

Bat Sea Star

Chocolate Chip Sea Star