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A family looking through the glass in the underwater viewing gallery of Polar Play Zone is visited by a curious dolphin.

Polar Play Zone

Kids can play at their own pace in the Polar Play Zone, slipping on a penguin suit or exploring a kid-sized submarine! There’s plenty for adults to enjoy too, including underwater views of your favorite animals, from belugas to sea otters. Feel the texture of a sea star’s skin at our touch pool and watch the penguin colony dive and waddle.

  • A guest gently touches the rough, prickly surface of a sea star in sea star touch.


    Dip your hand into the cool water of our sea star touch pooland discover for yourself the variety and textures of sea stars.

  • A dolphin peers through an underwater window at the viewer.


    Watch dolphins swim and see camouflage in action! Gray-and-white bodies help them blend into bright sky from below and darker waters from above.

  • A girl in a penguin costume goes down the slide in the Penguin Playscape area of Polar Play Zone.


    Whether they’re exploring Arctic waters in a kid-sized submarine or pretending to be penguins, kids have fun as they learn about polar opposites.

A play place for kids

In Polar Play Zone, little ones can slip into a penguin suit and try being a bird in the Icy South play area. From there, head to the Icy North to explore Arctic waters in a kid-sized submarine. You’ll learn about polar opposites — big and small, fast and slow, shallow and deep, even north and south — while you play.

When play’s all done, get a little closer to the whales, dolphins and sea otters in the underwater viewing space.

Look and Learn: Penguins

Encounter the playful residents of the Polar Play Zone during our daily penguin chats.

1 p.m.

Magellanic penguin chick Nia dove right into the water when she made her debut at Polar Play Zone!