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  • Two teens test out a DIY "Operation" game made in Teen Lab.
  • Teen Lab teens carefully lower DIY remotely operated underwater vehicles into Lake Michigan.
  • A teen works with a computer and some wires in Teen Lab to make a DIY instrument.
  • Mentor Bernadette Maciol and a teen lab member look at slides through microscopes.
  • Teens and a staff member examine a small shark pup during a Teen Orientation

Upcoming Teen Learning Lab events:

Join us for a series of virtual workshops!

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To celebrate World Oceans Day, virtual Teen Learning Lab workshops in June will focus on the importance of the ocean and how we can work together to keep marine ecosystems healthy.

June 4th 4PM Oceans: Providing Habitats

  • Explore the variety of animals that call the ocean home and their unique habitats.

June 11th 4PM Ocean: Providing Food

  • Discover what it means to source seafood sustainably, the types of food that come from the ocean, and how to make smart seafood choices.

June 18th 4PM Oceans: Providing Life

  • Uncover the ways the ocean keeps not only marine animals, but us alive, through the air we breathe and innovation in medicine.

June 25th 4PM Oceans: Need Protecting

  • Hear about actions being taken to protect our waters, from the 30 by 30 Campaign and marine protected areas to ways you can act locally to protect aquatic environments.

Teen Learning Lab benefits

While working in the Teen Learning Lab you’ll have access to a variety of resources including

  • Mentors from careers like animal training, exhibit design, marketing, public relations, animal health, animal husbandry, education, technology and more
  • Access to project supplies and technology (most of what you would find in a typical makerspace)
  • Project demonstrations and workshops
  • Access to workspace during lab hours

“In the Teen Learning Lab, you get to talk to people who you have something in common with and meet other teens. You get to learn about important issues and how people my age can get involved.”

Teen Learning Lab FAQs


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The Heller Foundation
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If you have an accommodation request related to a disability, impairment, or other need related to your experience please let us know via phone or email: 312-692-3269 or [email protected].